Yes, the rumors are true. The product you’ve all been waiting for – Star Trek-themed boxer briefs – is available now, courtesy of our friends at ThinkGeek. Since the puns are just too damn tempting and because we’re still tipsy from our Thanksgiving egg nog, we here at thought it best to let ThinkGeek introduce the Star Trek boxer briefs in their very own words. So, without any further ado:

“Starfleet has a uniform for every occasion: regular duty, off duty, flight, special occasions... so it stands to reason that there must be officially sanctioned underpants. After all, if you're found sleepwalking down the halls of the space station, those who rescue you will need to identify your rank and station.

“These Officially Licensed Star Trek Boxer Briefs come in a package of three, so you'll have one each of Command Gold, Operations Red, and Science Blue. The Starfleet insignia is on your left leg. A black button on the fly enables easy access to your liquid waste removal system for when nature calls. Soft, comfortable, and sexy, these boxer briefs will help you understand why Kirk was so popular with the ladies.”

The Star Trek Boxer Briefs are available in sizes ranging from small to extra large, and each package of three pairs costs $29.99. Click HERE to purchase.

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