It was jam-packed at Spock Days in Vulcan on Saturday. Over 3,000 fans flocked to the town dubbed the Star Trek Capital of Canada to take in the activities and to welcome six special guests including Walter Koenig, Arlene Martel, Garrett Wang, Connor Trinneer, Crystal Allen and John Paladin.

This event marks the 20th anniversary of Spock Days in Vulcan and is a vital component to promoting the history of the agricultural town and its status as an international sci-fi destination. Moms, dads, kids, teens and seniors flocked the streets to take in the full Star Trek experience. The town got into the action by hosting several events, including a slo-pitch tournament, pancake breakfast, family fun fair, barbeque, walking tour and a parade.

The morning started with an exclusive champagne breakfast with approximately 40 attendees. A chef-prepared menu set the tone for the intimate setting. Each guest dined with a table of fans, and the casual atmosphere sparked friendly conversations.

Trek celebrities were invited to join the parade that greeted fans downtown. An excited combination of Trek fans, visitors, residents and shop owners stepped out to the sidewalk to cheer on the guests and fans, many of whom were dressed in costume. Crystal Allen, who grew up in southern Alberta, felt embraced by the town`s support, commenting that it was very comforting, feeling as if she were back in her hometown of Camrose, where she grew up from the ages of 11 to 18.

Klingon Fear Factor was a major attraction. In it, contestants were challenged with several tests of strength and agility, paying homage to the strength and character of the Klingon race. Heart of Targ and moQbara we're just a snippet of the fun the game shared.

Walter Koenig and Arlene Martel were spotted signing the custom-built replica of the Captain Kirk command chair, while Garrett Wang and Connor Trinneer posed with fans for impromptu photos. Members of the crowd remarked about the approachable atmosphere and the friendliness of the celebrities, which was unique for a convention.

The dealer's room was hopping with over five times the number of tables of Star Trek and sci-fi memorabilia than in previous years. Sold-out autograph and photo sessions contributed to the day's success.

Rounding out the day’s festivities was a dinner, games, costume contest and masquerade ball. A fun night of all things Trek was shared by everyone attending, as they enjoyed one more chance to rub shoulders with the special guest stars. One day remains in the unique convention, with Garrett Wang and Arlene Martel all set to wow the crowd.

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