Despite rainy skies in Vulcan, Alberta, crowds gathered for the first day of the 20th anniversary of Spock Days. This annual convention and festival in the Official Star Trek Capital of Canada sees the small Alberta Prairie town swell with Trekkers of all descriptions from every corner of the galaxy.

Boasting the largest line-up of guests in the event’s two decade history, the community polished itself up set to receive Walter Koenig, of Star Trek: The Original Series, Arlene Martel of Star Trek: The Original Series, Connor Trinneer of Star Trek: Enterprise, Crystal Allen of Star Trek: Enterprise, John Paladin; Klingon makeup artist; and Garrett Wang of Star Trek: Voyager.

This year, the event started in style as John Paladin shared his 20 years of experience in utilizing and applying makeup. Paladin serves as convention makeup artist for J.G. Hertzler, Robert O’Reilly, Barbara March and Gwynyth Walsh. While making Jaymz Smith, a long-time Spock Days attendee’s Klingon dreams come true, Paladin showed step by step the transformation from human to Klingon. He gave tips on using KY Jelly for that extra-special sheen of sweat as a finishing touch, and how a quick layer of translucent red under a prosthetic gives a more authentic bronzed appearance. He also recommended using craft-store brushes and orange-stipple sponges and gave insider recommendations for budget-friendly options for wigs and supplies.

Criss Wiebe, body and makeup artist, demonstrated how to accomplish professional makeup with water-activated paraben-free face paint, by painting the faces of children and adults. Speaking of makeup and Klingons, word has it that an American couple who drove across the Canadian border was stopped for a routine security check. After opening the trunk, the customs officer was surprised to find a Klingon bat’leth, costumes and makeup. After several questions and some questioning looks, the couple was gratefully allowed to continue their journey to Vulcan.

About 150 guests, some decked out in costume, attended the Meet & Greet with Paladin, Trinneer and Wang. Wang hopped on a simulator ride with a group of fans, screaming their way through the galaxy, while fans watched on the screen outside. Meanwhile, stargazers of a different kind assembled just outside the doors of the Trek Station to gaze through three powerful telescopes to spy active sun spots. Neel Roberts and Roland Dechesne, members of the Calgary Centre Chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, were there to promote the distinct relationship between Star Trek and its science and technology themes. More information can be found at

Steinway Pianos of Calgary also carefully delivered a Roland V-Piano with the help of Kyle Brown and his crew from RPM Piano Moving. The piano was signed by the main cast of Star Trek: Next Generation at the recent the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. The V-Piano was digitally programmed to play Star Trek theme music during the evening. Tayte Mitchell, a local 17-year-old music student, took over the keys to play jazz and contemporary selections. The music, which soothed even the most savage Klingon, brought out a spontaneous sing-along of "Imagine" by John Lennon. Yet another full day is set to roll out in Vulcan tomorrow, beginning with a Champagne breakfast.

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