Brent Spiner will guest star in the next episode of The Simpsons, entitled “Them, Robot,” providing several voices. Mike Price tweeted that he wrote the episode, “featuring the great Brent Spiner as a Rudy-dissing robot,” and included a pic released by Fox. “Them, Robot” will air on March 18. Click HERE to check out Price’s tweet. Meanwhile, the ex-Star Trek: The Next Generation star himself also took to Twitter to post a teaser trailer for the new season of his online show, Fresh Hell, which will kick off on March 23. Click HERE to check it out.

Also, congrats to Scott Bakula. In addition to appearing in the last few episodes of Desperate Housewives, it’s now confirmed that he’ll star in the NBC multi-camera pilot, Table for Three. The former Star Trek: Enterprise lead will play Robert, a dentist engaged to a woman, Holly (Nicky Whelan), who is the same age as his daughter, Pen (Christine Woods). The dilemma? Holly was the “mean girl” to Pen back in their high-school days.
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