William Shatner discussed it in our recent interview with him, and now it's a reality. Brown Bag Wine Tasting, a new show that features Shatner chatting with guests as they blindly taste wine and describe the wine in terms of their occupation, will make the move from Shatner's official site to Ora.T.V. effective June 23. Beyond Brown Bag Wine Tasting, Shatner and Ora.T.V. inked a development deal that will results in the production of original content based on Shatner's "various interests."

"It’s me interviewing people," Shatner told StarTrek.com last month. "Talking to people, it can take time for them to warm up. My insertion, if you will, is a sip of wine from a brown bag. We analyze the wine and then the guests talk about themselves, and they’re mostly man on the street people rather than celebrities. They’re literally man on the street; they’ll be walking by and I’ll accost them and start talking to them."


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