Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner are back in action, kind of.  

Shatner will be heard rather than seen in Escape From Planet Earth, a 3D animated sci-fi adventure/comedy set for release on February 14. The Star Trek legend plays an evil military man named Shanker, who captures the alien hero Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser), leaving it up to Scorch’s risk-averse brother Gary (Rob Corddry) to save the day. Other voice talent in Escape From Planet Earth includes Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker.



Meanwhile, Nimoy, who is of course retired, is represented by an older project, the long-running television program In Search Of. Nimoy narrated the documentary show, which ran from 1976-1982. It’s available now as DVD collector’s set called In Search Of… The Complete Collection. The 21-disc set features all 152 Nimoy-hosted episodes, as well as two Rod Serling-hosted specials and eight hour-long episodes from a 2002 reboot version of the show hosted by Mitch Pileggi. Click HERE for details.

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