And the ageless wonder -- William Shatner – turns 87 today.

Star Trek’s legendary Captain James T. Kirk is indeed closing in on the big 9-0, but he looks years younger and maintains a workload that would wear out most people half his age.

A cursory glance at his schedule and current projects reveals the following: He’s got – deeeeep breath...

An uber-active Twitter account


A new movie out (Aliens Ate My Homework)

Numerous upcoming convention appearances

He's set to appear at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in Fort Ticonderoga, NY, on May 4 and 5

Oh, and this summer NASA will launch a probe to study the sun… and it’ll carry a microchip with his name on it.

And there’s surely more we’ve somehow neglected.

But back to that 87th birthday. Please join in wishing Shatner a happy birthday.

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