Bye Bye, Robot has announced the launch of seven new Star Trek art prints by returning artists J.J. Lendl and Mark Brayer. Lendl, whose prints combine vintage influenced style with the contemporary nature of Trek, created five of the pieces, while Brayer, whose distinctive style is immediately noticeable through his strong use of color, graphic shapes, and illustrative linework, realized the other two images.

Lendl has delivered one 18”x24” print for each of the original five Star Trek series, check them out below:










The viewer will find the use of unique colors distinctly corresponding to the color pallet of each series, realistic distressed textures, and detailed linework all combine together to provide a retro feel to the new prints. The designs also feature the most cast portraits of all of Bye Bye, Robot’s prints to date. Contained in each print the viewer will find portraits of the main crew prominently positioned within the design, as well as many memorable fan-favorite returning characters.



Brayer’s first contribution is titled “HMS Bounty” and depicts the Klingon Bird-of-Prey that is flown by the TOS crew in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The visual balance between the Klingon ship and the details of the Vulcan planetscape draws the viewer’s eye all the way through this design, acting as a fresh window into the beloved film.



Brayer’s second design, “Live Long and Prosper,” is the artist’s tribute to Leonard Nimoy and his iconic character, Mr. Spock. A vast star field melds into Mr. Spock’s striking expression, creating a vibrant portrait that portrays the character’s essence. These two new 16”x24” prints fit right into Brayer’s continuing book-cover style collection.

All seven art prints are printed on acid-free archival heavyweight cardstock and are available individually at $25 each. The five Lendl posters may also be purchased together, as a group, for the discounted price of $110. They can be purchased in the U.S.  from

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