For our latest poll, we asked “What is your favorite Star Trek character crossover episode?” And, honestly, we’re not the least bit surprised by the results. Scotty in TNG’s “Relics” defeated all comers with 41 percent of the vote, while Spock in TNG’s “Unification” grabbed 27 percent, Sulu in Voyager’sFlashback” pulled in 13 percent, Geordi in Voyager’s “Timeless” notched 8 percent and Bashir in TNG’s “Birthright” with 1 percent.

A few fans groused about characters and crossovers we didn’t include as voting options, among them Dr. McCoy in TNG’s “Encounter at Farpoint,” Picard in DS9’s “Emissary” and Thomas Riker in DS9’s “Defiant.”

However, we have a feeling that even if we had included McCoy, Picard and Thomas Riker as options, that everyone’s favorite engineer would still be standing tall at the end. As reader Jacob Schrecongost commented, “Is there even a question... Scotty!!!!”


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