Star Trek Online, the free to play online roleplaying game set in the future of the Star Trek universe, is having a New Year’s sale for Captains on PC. Save on all kinds of services, and start your adventure in the Final Frontier with such beloved Star Trek actors as Jeri Ryan, LeVar Burton and Tony Todd.

From now until Monday, January 8th at 10AM PT, we are having a 20% off sale on the services listed below. Now is the time to purchase these in the C-Store:

•    Character Slots (4)
•    Account Shared Bank Slots (10)
•    Bank Slots (12)
•    Bridge Officer Slots (2)
•    Captain Rename Token
•    Captain Retrain Token
•    Character Slots (2)
•    Duty Officer Roster Slots (100) (limit 4)
•    Duty Officer Roster Slots (25)
•    Inventory Slots (12)
•    Outfit Slots (2)
•    Ship Loadout Slots (10)
•    Ship Slots (2)
•    Dry Dock Slots (5)
•    Energy Credit Cap Increase


Go to to get in on the fun -- and the deals.

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