is saddened to report the passing of David Bischoff, a respected and prolific author who wrote the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, Grounded, and also shared writing credits on the TNG episodes "Tin Man" and "First Contact." Bischoff passed away in Oregon on March 19 at the age of 66, though word of his death has only now become public knowledge.

Born in Washington, D.C., Bischoff attended the University of Maryland and soon found success as a writer of novels (both original stories and film and TV tie-ins) and short stories. Among his many original novels were The Seeker, Mandala, Hackers and The Diplomatic Touch, while his fiction series efforts included Aliens, Dragonstar, Gremlins and The Crow, as well as Tin Woodman, which served as the basis for his TNG episode, "Tin Man." In addition to that work, he edited numerous anthologies, wrote scripts for Dinosaucers and Space Precinct, and taught creative writing at Seton Hill University.

Please join in offering our condolences to Bischoff's family, friends, colleagues and fans.

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