This month sees the release of Eaglemoss’ model of the redesigned Klingon Battle Cruiser from Star Trek (2009). It’s a ship that is simultaneously very old and very new. Legendary Star Trek designer Matt Jefferies created the original version of the design as part of a deal with model kit maker AMT back in 1968, so it only appeared in the last season of The Original Series. It received a major upgrade for Star Trek: The Motion Picture when the modelmakers at Magicam created a new, much more detailed version.

When Star Trek was reinvented in 2009 for the new series of movies, the battle cruiser got a complete redesign courtesy of Alex Jaeger and the team at ILM. The battlecruiser was originally slated to spend much more time on screen in a sequence that involved Nero being captured and imprisoned on Rura Penthe, but in the end it only appeared on a computer screen during the Kobayashi Maru sequence.

That makes it one of the rarest designs in the Eaglemoss collection. Before the end of the year, it will be joined by the Kobayashi Maru itself. For the magazine that comes with the model, Eaglemoss interviewed Jaeger about the design process and why the Klingon Battle Cruiser looks the way it does.

All the models from the new movies have been given the “special treatment,” and together they’re building into an almost complete set of models from the Kelvin timeline, which was itself introduced in the 2009 movie. They’ve now done two versions of the Enterprise itself, most recently the refit version that appeared in the first half of Star Trek Beyond; the U.S.S. Kelvin, where Captain George Kirk sacrificed himself fighting the Narada; Spock’s “jellyfish ship” that accidentally traveled through time; Admiral Marcus’ dreadnought, the U.S.S. Vengeance; the Klingon Birds-of-Prey from Star Trek Into Darkness; and the U.S.S. Franklin and the Altamid swarm ship, both from Beyond.

One thing has proved tricky… so far – the Narada itself. A model so complicated they admit they’re just scared of it.

To get access to the Eaglemoss Klingon Battle Cruiser at a special price, sign up for the Official Star Trek Starships Collection at either (in the US) or (in the UK). This ship can also be purchased directly from the Eaglemoss Shop or at your favorite comic shop at the regular retail price and as long as supplies last.


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