Autographs from Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Robert Picardo and the entire Star Trek: Voyager cast, plus guest stars including Virginia Madsen, Ed Begley, Jr., Scarlett Pomers, John de Lancie, Suzie Plakson and many more, for a total of nearly 50 signers? Great new images and dozens of memorable Voyager quotes? Count us in. Count us in for what, you ask? The “Quotable” Star Trek: Voyager Trading Cards, available on September 26 from Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd.

The “Quotable” Star Trek: Voyager Trading Cards features a 72-card base set with 144 of the most memorable Voyager quotes (one quote on each side of each card), as well as 9 Best of the Holodeck Cards, 9 USS Voyager ship Cards, 9 Starfleet’s Finest Cards and 10 Star Trek: Voyager Communicator Pin Cards (each sequentially numbered to 250). The cards will come five to a pack, priced at $3.50 per pack, with 24 packs per box and 12 boxes per case. Also available are albums for your cards and cases for your albums.

Look for The “Quotable” Star Trek: Voyager Trading Cards at your local retail or hobby shop, or click HERE to visit the Rittenhouse site.
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