Zachary Quinto, Star Trek’s current Spock, has produced

several films via his company, Before the Door Pictures, including All Is Lost, Margin Call and The Banshee Chapter. His latest project, just announced, puts a unique spin on his producing activities. And that project is The Chair, a 10-episode competition documentary series for STARZ that will follow two directors, Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci, as they each bring their first feature to the screen… using the same exact script.

Dawson and Martemucci will be mentored by Quinto and his Before the Door producing partners Corey Moosa, Neal Dodson and Sean Akers, as well as by Chris Moore, creator/producer of The Chair, and Josh Shader, the script’s original producer. All of the producers, including Quinto, will be featured in the episodes.

"The Chair is a great opportunity to support new voices in filmmaking,” Quinto said in a statement. “Before the Door’s first three films, including the award-winning Margin Call, were made with first-time directors and we have become keenly aware of the challenges of being a new talent in the business. Helping to nurture these talents, these voices, is incredibly rewarding and a big part of why we chose to begin producing ourselves.”

STARZ will debut The Chair in the fall.


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