Which Star Trek character would you most want to use for protection? That was StarTrek.com’s poll question for this past week, and the reply options were Pavel Chekov, Tasha Yar, Worf, Odo, Tuvok and Malcolm Reed. Nearly 22,000 people replied and, as happened last week, the winner’s tally bested all the other options combined. Here are the results:

Worf (53%)
Odo (27%)
Tuvok (8%)
Tasha Yar (6%)
Malcolm Reed (4%)
Pavel Chekov (3%)

Here’s what some of your fellow fans had to say in our comments section:

“Who would pick anyone other than Odo? He can change shape and hide anywhere and pounce in an instant. He'd be the best protector.” – PJ Quinn

“Malcolm Reed, the founder of modern starship security!” – Bram Kocx
“Security was invented in Russia!” – Eugene D. Huntermark

“Between Odo and Tuvok although Tasha Yar kicked some good butt when she was ready... I can't see anybody beating Odo.” – Linda Herbert

“While I feel that Worf and Odo are the more interesting characters out of the bunch, Tuvok was the better security officer! Tasha is meh... Reed is/was a traitor for a brief period, and Chekov was just awesome! I vote Tuvok!” – Eric Michael Bernando

“Worf is a punk... He would proudly declare "I AM KLINGON!," then moments later get his arse kicked... Malcolm Reed wins and his connection with Section 31 is a plus.” – Kyon Polle

“Odo. I would say Worf, but have you ever noticed he gets knocked out a LOT?” – Nicholas Anderson

“I second Worf. No one can beat a Klingon as your security chief.” – Lora De Felice

“True, Odo may have more abilities being a changeling, but I would trust Worf better. Worf is more honorable and honest.” – Tom Wiggington

“Odo. He's the only one who's anywhere near competent. He even shamed Worf over what a piss poor job he did as Chief of Security on the Enterprise.” – Rene Ferrer


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