Nearly half of the fans who replied to our latest poll question – Which TOS cast member would you most want to see make a cameo in Star Trek into Darkness? – chose William Shatner. Star Trek’s legendary Captain Kirk snagged 48 percent of the vote, besting George Takei (at 28%), Nichelle Nichols (at 14%) and Walter Koenig (at 11%).

William Shatner- 48%


George Takei- 28%


Nichelle Nichols- 14%

Walter Koenig- 11%


See what some of your fellow Trek fans had to say on the matter:

“The Shat got my vote.” – Scott Baker

“Nichelle Nichols should totally make an appearance... Uhura needs to be taken seriously.” – Brenna Hart

“Shatner might be cool in a cameo. After all, the new ST is set in alternate timeline/universe.” – Benjamin Sebelius Jensen

“I voted for Walter Koenig. Not only has he been in other Trek stuff, he was in Babylon 5. Not many sci-fi actors can do more than one. He’s a good actor and should get more votes.” – Steven Murphy

“George Takei.” – Sara Robertson

“None of them. The new timeline should survive on its own.” – Matthew Runyon

“Got to be Kirk... because he's dead...” – Jonathan Cohen

“I think it should be George Takei for Into Darkness and save William Shatner for the last one as a grand finale.” – Michael J. Engel

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