Poll Says Your Favorite Trek Guest Star Was...

Poll Says Your Favorite Trek Guest Star Was...

Star Trek, over the decades, welcomed countless great guest stars onto the various shows. So, when we came up with our latest StarTrek.com poll question -- Who was your favorite guest star on a Star Trek series? -- compiling the list of potential options nearly overwhelmed us. But we came up with eight, tossing a wild card or two in there, and it almost didn't matter because the one we figured would win did so by a landslide. With more than 22,000 fans voting, here are the results:

Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan (39%)

Ricardo Montalban as Khan (21%)

Jeffrey Combs as Shran (18%)

Stephen Hawking as himself (10%)

Andy Dick as EMH Mark II (3% -- 758 votes)

Tony Todd as Jake Sisko (3% -- 744 votes)

Paul Winfield as Capt. Dathon (3% -- 686 votes)

Jean Simmons as Norah Satie (1%)


So, how did your favorite guest star fare?

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