Star Trek, over the decades, welcomed countless great guest stars onto the various shows. So, when we came up with our latest poll question -- Who was your favorite guest star on a Star Trek series? -- compiling the list of potential options nearly overwhelmed us. But we came up with eight, tossing a wild card or two in there, and it almost didn't matter because the one we figured would win did so by a landslide. With more than 22,000 fans voting, here are the results:

Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan (39%)

Ricardo Montalban as Khan (21%)

Jeffrey Combs as Shran (18%)

Stephen Hawking as himself (10%)

Andy Dick as EMH Mark II (3% -- 758 votes)

Tony Todd as Jake Sisko (3% -- 744 votes)

Paul Winfield as Capt. Dathon (3% -- 686 votes)

Jean Simmons as Norah Satie (1%)


So, how did your favorite guest star fare?

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Jeffrey Combs
Whoopi Goldberg
Ricardo Montalban
Tony Todd
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