Looks like we hit the right note with our latest StarTrek.com poll. We asked, Which Star Trek musical instrument do you want to learn to play? Thousands of fans voted and the winner was a bit of a surprise. We initially guessed it'd be the Resskikan Flute, but check out what won from a list that included Mavig's Harp, Ressikan Flute, Vulcan Lute, Elanin Singer Stones, Enaran Musical Instrument, Bajoran Rattle, Aldean Musical Instrument and Algolian Percussion Instrument...

Vulcan Lute (49%)

Ressikan Flute (32%)

Elanin Singer Stones (6%)

Mavig's Harp (3%)

Bajaoran Rattle (3%) 

Algonian Percussion Instrument (3%)

Enaran Musical Instrument (2%)

Aldean Musical Instrument (2%)

So, how did YOUR instrument stack up?

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