Which Star Trek series used the Holodeck best? That was our StarTrek.com poll question last week, and the results are in. The Next Generation tallied nearly half the vote, 48%, handily topping Voyager at 36% and Deep Space Nine at 16%. So, do you agree with the results?

The Next Generation: 48%

Voyager: 36%

Deep Space Nine: 16%


While you consider that, check out what some of your fellow Trek fans had to say:

“I absolutely LOVE the use of the Holodeck in TNG. Especially Hologram Troi and Riker in 'Hollow Pursuits'!!! I crack up laughing every time I watch it!!” – Courtney McCauley

DS9 Holosuites.  'Our Man Bashir,' 'Take Me Out To The Holosuite,' and the Vic Fontaine episodes were pure fun. The implied holodeck adventures that Bashir and O'Brien alluded to sounded really cool too!” – Mike M. Alvarez

TNG. There shouldn’t even be a poll for this. It’s obvious!” – Faye Solway

TNG should win the poll, because: 'A Fistful of Data's', 'The Big Goodbye', 'lementary Dear Data,' Worf's Calisthenics program. It's were the holodeck began.” – Stephen Crewes

“Yeah, what Faye said!” – Bob Hancock

Voyager's is the best by far! Paris was always coming up with fun holo-programs and who can forget when the Hirogen took over the ship and the holodeck!” – Susan Marie Huguenard

“I think Deep Space Nine made the best use of the Holodeck because that series never played the device for laughs and they never really did a 'holodeck malfunctions' episode as it often happened in TNG, The best Holodeck shows? 'His Way,' 'Take Me Out to the Holosuite' and 'Our Man Bashir!'” – Dino Monzon

TNG, obviously.  Plus 'Elementary, Dear Data' and 'Ship in a Bottle.'" – Nathan Roy

TNG invented the holodeck, but it was put to good use by DS9 AND Voyager. It's a really tough question.” – Matthew Moyles

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