Well, this week’s StarTrek.com poll results are really intriguing. We asked Which TNG crew member would you like to see as a Borg? The options were Beverly Crusher, Geordi La Forge, Worf, William Riker, Deanna Troi and Wesley Crusher. More than 10,000 people voted and the winner – so to speak – was...


Worf with 32% of the vote.


Wesley Crusher also notched 32%, but lost to Worf by just 64 votes.




Rounding out the results were:


Deanna Troi with 14%


Geordi La Forge with 9%


William Riker with 9% (just seven votes behind Geordi)


Beverly Crusher with 5%

So, how did YOUR choice do in the voting? While you think about it, check out what some of your fellow fans had to say:

“I voted Geordi. I want to see what they do about his eyes.” – Adam Parker

“None really, but if I had to pick I'd say Deanna Troi cause she's very empathetic, so it would be interesting to see her lose one of her character's main qualities.” – Mara Schulte

“Wesley?? That’s soo mean!! He’s just a kid!!” – Rachel Bui

“Worf is better as (a) Borg.” – Kolos Lavasz

“Wesley Crusher, only because Keiko O'Brien isn't an option. Although, I'm not sure if the Borg are evil enough to justify wishing Keiko on them...” – Stephanie Nesbit

“… maybe Riker should become a Borg. They would adapt his "facial hair" growing abilities. Imagine that, a Borg with a beard, or even the Borg Queen with a devil's goatee.” – James Cannon

“I think Beverly Crusher as a Borg would be hilarious.” – Laura Reynolds

Meanwhile, click HERE to Borg yourself. And click HERE for details about this week's StarTrek.com poll.




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