Which enemy ship was the most fierce? That was our StarTrek.com poll question for the week of April 7 and a whopping – and record-setting – 22,000 readers took the time to reply, choosing from options that included Borg Cube, Scimitar, Klingon Bird of Prey, Narada, Species 8472 Bioship and D7 Class Battle Cruiser. The Borg Cube decimated the competition, with the results breaking down as follows:


Borg Cube 42%


Species 8472 Bioship 19%


Scimitar 16%


Klingon Bird of Prey 13%


Narada 5%


D7 Class Battle Cruiser 4%

So, how did your enemy ship of choice fare?

“The 8472 Bioship trashed the Borg Cube, but the Cube gets the votes? Illogical.” – Ray Remillard

“Species 8472 Bioship destroyed multiply Borg Cubes.” – Michael W. Mueller

“The Scimitar is made for war. It has 52 disruptor banks, 27 photon torpedoes, primary and secondary phased shields (great for borg), and its ultimate weapon, unlike the bioship and Narada, can be fired easily and frequently. Also, it can fire when cloaked--a feat that most ship captains dread (all detection measures are time-consuming). This is the ship I'd want to pilot.” – Feral Shade

“During the movie Nemesis the Reman ship Scimitar easily disabled/trashed the Enterprise E + 2 Romulan warbirds at the same time.. and earlier in that movie the Enterprise E destroyed a Borg Cube... so that makes a good case for the Scimitar being better 1 on 1 than the Borg. And the Scimitar could fire its weapons while cloaked; that's a huge advantage by itself.. not to mention it was a fully armed battleship with more weapons and shields than anyone else.” – James Toothill

“Borg Cube, simple, cold, mechanical, anti-human in nature. Classic.” – Frank Waits

“Everyone who hates Voyager (without reason) will of course not vote for the Bioship... but it’s the clear cut winner. The Borg Cube (currently winning) was able to destroy everything in this list... except the Bioship, which did to the Borg what the Borg did to everyone else. So vote whatever you like, there's only one winner here.” – Teh Bug

“The Narada looks the fiercest to me, followed by the Scimitar.” – Angel Nichols

“I will always love a Klingon Bird Of Prey... They are cool and very sexy! And what’s with the lack of a Romulan ship?” – Lori Bailey-Lambie

“None of those ships! Romulan Warbirds were the most fierce ships!” – Joel Anderson

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