Which captain are you most like? That was StarTrek.com’s most recent poll question and the reply options were Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko or Archer.  More than 23,000 fan replied, and while the winner beat the runner-up by nearly 2,000 votes, only a few hundred votes separated the third, fourth and fifth place entrants. Here’s the breakdown:

Picard (31% -- 7,241 votes)

Janeway (23% -- 5,377 votes)

Kirk (16% -- 3,809 votes)

Archer (15% -- 3,589 votes)

Sisko (14% -- 3,345 votes)

“While I like Sisko the most, I think I am most like Picard who generally follows the rules.” – Tammy Mueller

“Sisko has always been my favorite (I grew up on DS9) with Picard coming in a close second, and personality-wise I do feel I share traits of both; but Sisko is more extroverted while Picard is quieter and more diplomatic, which is why I chose Jean-Luc over Ben.” -- Brandy M. Hardenburg

“I wish I could say Picard, but I still don't quite know what I'm doing most of the time...I went with Archer.” --  James Dabbagian

“In all honesty I am more of an Archer. Someone with a strong moral ethic,,caring,,sometimes reactive, but not 100% knowledgeable and prone to making errors in my good deeds to others.” – Andre Grindle

“Hmmm, hard question, I find myself a mix between Sisko and Captain Picard.” -- Dawneeyale Amariel

“Most people who voted for Picard only WISH they were most like him. Few can live up to that standard in my opinion. As for me, I picked Janeway -- strong, yet compassionate... plus we share a love of coffee!” – Allison Reddick

“Sisko's in last? I guess that means there aren't a lot of complete badasses out there.” – James Lynch

And our favorite reply comes from Jason C. Garza, who wrote:

“Note to self: never get into a car with anyone who selected Janeway because it will take us seven years to get home.”



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