There really wasn't a wrong answer to our most recent poll. In it we asked, what was the best guest appearance in a Star Trek film? The choices included Christopher Plummer, Ricardo Montalban, Christopher Lloyd, Benedict Cumberbatch, Malcolm McDowell and Kirstie Alley. Nearly 25,000 fans voted and let's just say that anyone who played Khan dominated the results.

Ricardo Montalban (48%)

Benedict Cumberbatch (20%)

Christopher Plummer (11% - 2,730 Votes)

Christopher Lloyd (11% - 2,717 Votes)

Malcolm McDowell (6%)

Kirstie Alley (5%)


And... where did your favorite land among the results?



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Benedict Cumberbatch
Christopher Lloyd
Ricardo Montalban
Kirstie Alley
Malcolm McDowell
Christopher Plummer
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