For our latest poll, we asked… Who do you think Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is for the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness? More than 10,000 people replied and it was a tight, tight race, with Gary Mitchell earning 37% of the vote, barely topping the option “A new, unknown character” (35%) and Khan Noonien Singh (28%). Here’s what some of your fellow fans had to say in the comments. Do you agree?

Gary Mitchell - 37%

New Unknown Villain - 35%

Khan - 28%

“I hope Gary Mitchell's story is the plot for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. Watched this episode recently on Syfy channel, and it is one of the best of the original series.” – Malcolm Harrison Bourne

“I'm voting for Khan. The whole 'I have returned' thing in the trailer gives it away. He's reigniting the Eugenics Wars (which nearly destroyed earth in the first place). Gary Mitchell? No... not yet. They are going to introduce Mitchell in this movie, but kill off Spock. THEN, in the third movie, they bring back Spock to battle the Mitchell-god character. It’s all too obvious from the trailers, people.” – Stephen Fender

“Gary Mitchell would be cool.” – Cynthia Carlin Drake

“It’s Khan. He is back to reclaim what was taken from him. He is having his revenge.” – Marko Belobrajdic

“After seeing the 9 minute Hobbit preview I can say without hesitation: this is clearly Dr. Noonien Soong, the genetic modifying outlaw and creator of Data.” – David Andrew Petty

“I heard Peter Weller is in the movie. My theory is he is Khan and the movie starts with the Enterprise locating the Botany Bay. Khan struggles for control of the Enterprise and possibly another Starfleet ship is involved - leading to a battle between Khan's ship and the Enterprise. Khan's ship is destroyed but his loyal follower Joachim survives. Knowing Khan's followers are loyal to the death, Joachim (who may have never been seen by Enterprise crew members) infiltrates Starfleet and then begins to wreak havoc on Starfleet and punish Kirk and his crewmates. That's my theory.” – Konley Kelley

And we had to laugh at this comment:

“Who cares? Benedict Cumberbatch is so awesome!” – Christine Olsen

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