Which Star Trek doctor was the most empathetic? That’s the question StarTrek.com asked this past week, the latest query in our quest to determine the ultimate Trek medic. And the fans, more than 10,000 of you, have spoken.


Dr. Crusher (41%)


Bones (16%)


Bashir (14%)


Phlox (13%)


The Doctor (13%)


Pulaski (2%)


Well, how did you doctor of choice fare? Here’s what some of your fellow Trek fans had to say:

“Bashir is my favorite Star Trek doctor and Doctor Pulaski is my least favorite.” – Tina Cousins

“Vote not necessary. Bones,period.” – Paul Kriss

“Won't choose a favorite doc. For some reason those characters were my fave characters in each series for their own reason.” – Marty Coffield

“One thing Bones wasn't was empathetic....especially towards Spock. Crusher is the correct answer here (although may be my least favourite one, she is the most empathetic).” – Timothy Colin Davies

“To me, it was Bashir. He was almost too caring.” – Lis Esler

“Dr. Leonard H. McCoy has the most empathy. Anyone remember the episode “The Empath?” He practically sacrifices his well being and almost his life for Kirk and Spock.” – Greg Barton

“I'm tied between Beverly and Phlox.” – Mike Guzman

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