asked readers… “Which of the following was the best leader?” – with the options limited to Odo, Malcolm Reed, Sulu, Tuvok and Worf. We were, of course, looking for security chiefs (though, admittedly, didn’t flat-out mention that). And the winner, by a wide margin, was:



                                                          Worf (39%)



                 Tuvok (23%)                                                     Sulu (20%)                  

                  Odo (11%)                                                       Reed (6%)

As usual, fans took to our Facebook page to argue on behalf of their choices and to take us to task for leaving out preferred options. Here’s a sampling of comments:

“Worf!!!!!!” – Timothy Colin Davies

“Best leader? Among the security chiefs? As much as I'm loathe to say it, Tuvok was probably the best leader among them. Worf had no people skills.” – James Harding

“I voted on the poll...Odo. ♥ But I also love Worf...and usual, I like them all, and it's just a matter of rank. With the standard captain's Picard for me, hands down. Then Kirk, Janeway, Archer, & Sisko. Once again...I like them all.” Michella K.T. Illg

“Nah, best was Kirk. If I was living on a planet w/o warp speed and my planet was going to blow up - who would you rather come to your rescue? Kirk - he'd find a way to violate that prime directive.” – Carol Golembiewiski

“Janeway gets my vote, hands down!” – Christie Apgar Bagley

“KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Alex Trewyn

And our favorite…

“Me.” – Kaiser Audoenus

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