A new StarTrek.com poll, and another new record. This past week, we asked readers Which Starfleet woman was the most fierce? -- and more than 36,000 of you replied. The winner, by a large margin, was B'Elanna Torres, followed in order by Kira Nerys, Seven of Nine, Natasha Yar, Nyota Uhura and T'Pol. Below is the breakdown by percentage and beneath that are comments from some of your fellow fans.


B'Elanna Torres- 35% (12841 votes) 


Kira Nerys- 25% (9068 votes) 


 Seven of Nine- 20% (7421 votes)


 Natasha Yar- 9% (3476 votes)


Uhura- 6% (2172 votes) 


T'Pol- 5% (2002)


"Uhura rocked in a male dominated environment. She will always be the fiercest." -- Jayne V. Elsey

"This is a really tough call!!! I ultimately went with Kira because she had the rough youth, but embraced that toughness alongside her spiritual life. Yar, Torres, & 7 were trying to keep their fierceness under control (wsh there was more character development for Yar.) Uhura was on TV in a time where pushing the envelope on the front that far was not yet an option." -- Philip Mariconda

"Tough call between Torres and Nerys. They both have the most rage to control. Seven was never fierce... just to the point. Pretty much the same with T'Pol. Uhura was symbolic, stoic and an excellent officer, Tahsa... dedicated to her role." -- Cheston Beyer

"I liked the short-lived, ill-fated K'Ehleyr, Worf's main squeeze. I was so disappointed when she was killed off! But my vote goes to Uhura." -- Laura Wilcox Jenkins

"I'd have to go with B'Elanna Torres only 'cause she had some major anger management issues." -- Sean Lee

"While mostly calm and deliberate, when she worked her steam up, Janeway was the fiercest of them all. Why is she not included?" -- Robin Bergmark

"Let's see, Uhura had one episode where she was fierce, she was known whimper at other times. Yar was a shadow of fierce, not really trying hard at all since the character was under developed. T'pol and Seven had almost no emotional attachement to what is needed to be fierce. Obvious winner Torres or Kira. Though I am a little baffled on why Dax is missing considering she fought with Klingons and had an internal fight with a murderer and still came out smiling." -- Rob Watson

"Torres was an emotional wreck half the time. She was not fierce, she was moody. Kira regularly kicked ass and took chances. The others aren't really even worth comparing." -- Gary Wiedel

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