The options were “Darmok,” “The Best of Both Worlds,” “All Good Things…,” “The Inner Light,” “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “The Measure of a Man.” The poll question, as you might guess from that list, was Which TNG episode was your favorite. More than 10,000 people participated, and the winner was…



“The Best of Both Worlds” 28%



“The Inner Light” 20% (2,434 votes)



“Yesterday’s Enterprise” 20% (2,418 votes)



“All Good Things” 14%



“The Measure of a Man” 10%



“Darmok” 7%

So, how did YOUR choice do in the poll? While you contemplate that, here’s what some of your fellow fans had to say:

“‘The Best of Both Worlds’, for sure. This was the last successful showing of the Borg until ‘Scorpion’ and very well put together.” – Mario Herbert

“Oh wow-  ‘All Good Things’ was just an amazing piece of sci-fi. It's hard to pick a best, but it represented the culmination of all the best things of Star Trek- and for one brief, glorious moment even allows the viewer to understand a created paradox. Simply sublime.” – Phoenix Godwin

“That's nigh impossible to answer! It's either ‘The Inner Light’ or ‘The Measure of a Man.’ Can I vote for both?” – Chris Williams

“‘Darmok’! But ‘The Inner Light,’ ‘Tapestry,’ and ‘The Measure of a Man’ are all up there.” – My Year of Star Trek

“’The Best of Both Worlds’ and ‘Family’ are the perfect trilogy.” – Todd Spangrud

“Would go with ‘Tapestry’ or ‘Lower Decks,’ but since those weren't options, ‘Yesterday's Enterprise.’” – David Grimes

“’The Inner Light’ was probably the best hour of television I've ever watched.” – Lynn Alquist Mosovsky

“DARMOK!!!!!” – Stephen Robb

“Why no ‘Chain of Command’? That's my choice, hands down. Some of the best acting in the series from Sir Patrick Stewart.” – Hannah Reeves

“I went with ‘The Best of Both Worlds.’” – Ryan Hayes

“That's a hard poll. Still, ’The Inner Light.’” – Jamie Robertson

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