Wow. More than 30,000 fans participated in our latest poll. In it, we asked Which doctor would you want to take on an away mission. The options were Bashir, Bones, Crusher, The Doctor, Phlox and Pulaski. Four of the medics finished with 17% or more, though the winner did beat the runner-up by more than 1,500 votes. Here's the breakdown:

The Doctor (32%)

Bones (27%)

Bashir (18%)

Crusher (17%)

Phlox (6%)

Pulaski (2%)


Below are some comments from your fellow fans

"The Doctor; he's a neealy indestructable holographic super-computer for God sake!!!" -- Javier Feliciano Otero 

"Even though Bones is my favourite character from any Star Trek show, Bashir wins it for me. If you need a doctor, he's just as good as any of them (better than some), but what he has that none of the others has is the ability to be a soldier when he's needed to be." -- Timothy Colin Davies

"EMH gets the vote from our family. Dude knows his medical stuff, has access to all the information Voyager has and is pretty damned handy with a bat'leth!" -- Ceri Roberts

"Why is Pulaski even on this list? If I were ill, I would want Julian fighting for me. He's like the House of Star Trek. I love Bones, but he's to quick to call the time of death." -- Joe Ronca

"The Doctor would obviously be the best option. He has an unmatched capacity of medical knowledge and is also hilarious because he's amused by everything. Just don't allow him to become sexually aroused in your body. Big mistake, Seven." -- Shayla Storey

"All due respect to Bones, the EMH is not only the best doctor, but the best character ever written and acted in the whole franchise." -- Jim Castle

"Phlox somehow beats out Bones for me. Such a unique and entertaining character." -- Mickey Rowe

"I was born in 82, and cognitive enough to understand Star Trek just in time for TNG to end. By 1994, Deep Space Nine was in full swing, so out of bias I have to side with Doctor Julian Bashir. Julian was my childhood role model; so full of life, excitement, and always positive -- I couldn't have asked for a better science fiction childhood friend." -- Bryan Holland

"I chose The Doctor, but not because I think it was the best doctor (although being programmed with so much knowledge helped it do its job better). I chose The Doctor because it is holographic, and therefore is the least risk on an away mission (there is a backup module, after all) while still retaining a satisfactory use since a doctor would always beam back up to the ship if a patient needed more attention than he/she/it could give him or her." -- Joshua McKenna

"Without hesitation, the man who made a bandage for a horta even though he was a doctor, not a bricklayer! Not to mention delivering a baby in a cave and whipping up a cure for a deadly genetically-engineered virus with old age breathing down his neck. For sheer resourcefulness, you can't beat Bones!" -- Marlene Skerbec

"I actually think the EMH Doc would be the best one - he has tons of knowledge & analytic prowess and if things go bad and you have to leave him behind - who cares? Just reboot him on Voyager." -- Jeff Taylor

"EVERY TIME I see a poll on the doctors, I think...."Why do they keep asking people??" It is Bones, will always be Bones...won't ever NOT be Bones." -- Larissa Brewington

And here's our favorite comment, courtesy of Philip Sink:

"We can all agree on one thing: No one is taking Pulaski."



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