’s latest poll question was: Which captain had the most respect for the Prime Directive. The options, of course, were Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Archer. More than 27,000 fans voted and the results are in. To say there was a landslide would be the understatement of the millennium. So, here goes:

Picard (65%)

Janeway (21%)

Sisko (6%)

Kirk (5%)

Archer (3%)


Here’s what some of your fellow fans had to say in our comments section. We found it interesting that many fans wrote things along the lines of "Picard, of course," and little else, while those who chose Janeway tended to elaborate -- quite passionately -- on how and why they made their choice:

"I wanted to say Janeway but I had to settle on Archer. The Prime Directive didn't exist when he set out into space and he didn't have any real guidelines on how to deal with less evolved cultures. It was during a crisis in which the assistance of the Enterprise was requested, that Captain Archer and Dr. Phlox came to the bitter conclusion that some sort of directive needed to be established so that other Captains would know when rendering aid was helpful or inappropriate to an alien culture.” – Leigh Layson

“It isn't fair to Archer because the prime directive (and the Federation) hadn't existed yet.” – Michael Smith

“Janeway. She, based on the standards and principles of the prime directive "stranded" her crew 75,000 light years away from home to protect the Ocompa home world and then used every principle (with some of her own very imaginative interpretation) inside of the prime directive to get them home. No other captain, or member of Starfleet made first contact with more alien species or charted more of the unknown then she did, all with the guidance of her morals and the prime directive. End rant.” – Frankie Pierce 

“There's a difference between 'respect' and 'obedience' - in case of obedience, surely Picard were the winner - in case of respect, the vote can go only to Janeway.” -- Heinrich Zinndorf-Linker

“Janeway added so much time to their journey because she followed the prime directive. She could have blatantly ignored it like the other crew did and no one would ever know. Her crew even got pissed off because she followed the prime directive so closely.” – Shayla Storey

And our favorite comment:

“Who voted for Kirk? He ignored the prime directive in EVERY episode!” – Ed Haley



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