, for our latest poll, asked Which Star Trek show had the best series finale? The options, of course, were The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. More than 24,000 readers replied and the results are as follows:

The Next Generation (37%)

Voyager (34%)

Deep Space Nine (20%)

Enterprise (5%)

The Original Series (4%)

Check out some comments from your fellow fans:

"I thought 'All Good Things' was the best because it felt like a finale but it left the door open for the future, and I've always like it when Sci-Fi ends like that." -- Ben Stanton

"How is Voyager nearing TNG in this poll? 'Endgame' is a fine piece of television, but isn't the intersecting time travel story just a rip off of 'All Good Things'? Yeah, sure, Red from Orange Is The New Black blows up the Borg Queen, that's kinda cool. But the depressed air traffic controller from Breaking Bad shows Professor X how he almost destroyed life on earth before it even began! Muh!" -- Mike Burton

"Deep Space Nine did a great job of tying up loose ends. But The Next Generation was a true tribute to the show as a whole, with open-ended hope for the characters' future. It gets my vote." -- Crystal Woehrle-Logan

"'All Good Things' and 'What You Leave Behind' were great. They took the characters that you had learned about during the 7 years of their shows and used them in totally believable ways to tell the perfect stories for those series' finales.'These Are The Voyages' was a bad story, told badly. It didn't understand the shows own characters and it left me wishing everyone had blown up (except Porthos). However, 'Endgame' is the worst as far as I'm concerned. Here you had a show that had so much potential from the start, but they failed to use it over the run of the entire series. It was badly written right from the start. But the finale was terrible because it had the potential to make up for all the downfalls of the series with what could have been the best ending of all time, and one I hoped that they would do....Voyager doesn't get home." -- Timothy Colin Davies

"'What You Leave Behind' was the best because it provided the most amount of wrap up. You left the show kind of knowing what was next for each of the characters which gave a better sense of closure than the others." -- Austin Jae

"I always loved Voyager but I think Deep Space Nine had the best finale...because they started wrapping up character's arcs before the last 2 hour episode. Voyager's was rushed....which always disappointed me because I so dearly loved that show! And Enterprise, I loved it too....but I'll admit poor finale." -- William Archer

"TNG hands down." -- James MacLovin Treanor

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