How would you approach the Kobayashi Maru? That’s the question that asked for our latest reader poll, and the reply options included “Study and try your best,” “Don’t prepare; it’s a no-win,” and “Cheat.” In one of our tightest polls to date, “Study and try your best” tallied 38 percent of the vote, squeaking by “Cheat,” which scored 37 percent. “Don’t prepare; it’s a no-win” came in third with 24 percent.

Here’s what some of your fellow fans had to say in their comments:

“I would like to think there are always possibilities.” – Larry Dubose

“I'm not Kirk. I can't cheat death.” – Penny Klein

“Anyone that says Yes… failed the test. There is no way to win. But still, when faced with impossible odds, I'd still like to try this test to see how far I could get. I'd probably get kicked out of the Academy by doing what Kirk did. I don't believe in a no-win scenario, and I am not just saying that because Kirk did. There is always a way to win, and there is always a right way and wrong way to do it.” – James Cannon

“Erm....., I cheated, too.” – Rhonda Huffman

“I would have cheated...” – John Barker

“Only by cheating... or telling Spock he's wrong! I think the former is the safer route, though... lol.” – Chris Swain

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