You like it; you really, really like it., for our latest poll, asked “How has your perception of Star Trek: Enterprise changed over the years?” The reply options were “I like it more,” “It hasn’t changed” and “I like it less.” “I like it more” snagged an impressive 59% percent of the vote, beating the 35% tallied by “It hasn’t changed” and the mere 7% accumulated by “I like it less.” Check out what some of your fellow fans had to say about their perception of Enterprise:

“In my opinion, it had potential to be the best of the series... Still hold a grudge against the studio for cancelling it.” – Josepha Blethen

“I loved Star Trek: Enterprise. It's a shame it ended prematurely.” – Fred Guerra

“I really enjoyed Enterprise. I don't think it was given a chance, and just like what happened to TOS, it was cancelled in error. WAY IN ERROR!! When are they going to learn? Star Trek fans are the MOST LOYAL and there is an enormous amount of them. There were so many possibilities with the temporal war. Oh well, maybe they'll get something going with the alternate reality started by Star Trek 2009.” – Mari Bill

Enterprise was better than TNG ever was.” – Marco Felix Assis

“I like the concept of Star Trek: Enterprise I thought it was just poorly written.” – Von Krieg

“I want more Enterprise episodes!” – Matthijs Leenheer

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