, for our latest poll, asked readers: Which first officer was the most loyal? The options included Chakotay, Kira Nerys, William Riker, Spock and T’Pol. More than 33,000 fans voted, and here are the results:


                                                                                     Spock (43%)
William Riker (36%)

                                                                                     Chakotay (12%)

                                                                                          T’Pol (6%)

                                                                                     Kira Nerys (4%)


While you ponder the results, check out what some of your fellow fans had to say on the matter…

"‘I have been and always shall be your friend.’ That should answer the question for you....” – Alex Gross

“Nobody beats Spock. At anything, ever” – Mike Dean

“Riker... how many opportunities for promotion did he pass up to remain First Officer to Jean-Luc??” – Billy Brown

“Define loyalty? Loyal to the system? Spock. Loyal to the captain? Riker. Loyal to her principles? Kira. Since the second seems most likely I gave my vote to Riker.” – Blaine Salzman

“I would say it’s a toss-up between Spock and Riker... But Riker would win because he would to anything to protect his captain, and Spock is more concerned about duty.” – Abby Fluty

“T'Pol is being overlooked. In one episode, Archer lost his ability to form new memories. Basically, a 50 First Dates issue. T'Pol stayed at his side for over a decade, spending each day repeating the same story. That is loyalty.” – Robert Martin

“Chakotay as he managed to rein Janeway in sometimes! Spock and Riker joint second. Then followed very closely by T'Pol. I liked, major Kira tho I'd have preferred Jadzia Dax as a 1st Officer in DS9.” – Sue Hardie

“While Spock is obviously the greatest, Kira is my favorite.” – Kris Cun Tasaurus

“Spock then Riker.... It's a close call though....” – Kadie Edwards

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