The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager or Enterprise. Those were the reply options to our latest poll question: Which series have you watched the most? More than 25,000 people voted, and the results are pretty surprising; not so much in terms of which series won – that’d be TNG -- but the fact that Voyager beat out TOS for second place. Below are the results. Let us know YOUR thoughts about them, and in the meantime, check out some comments posted on our Facebook page by your fellow fans.


The Next Generation – 43%


Voyager – 20%


The Original Series – 19%


Deep Space Nine – 13%


Enterprise – 5%


The Animated Series – 0%


"Next Gen closely followed by Voyager." – Kirsty Carvery

The Original Series has to be rated NUMBER 1 because of 2 things, most importantly because without the original there probably would have been no Next Generation, DS9, Voyager or Enterprise...and secondly because it was the only one with SPOCK!!” – Robert L. Hutchinson

“I like Janeway & Voyager because their ship was in a little different situation than the rest. Also loved DS9, but nothing quite beats TOS.” – Lisamarie Sagan

“While I've enjoyed TOS, TNG, and Voyager, DS9 is the one I always find myself wanting to watch over and over again.” – Tammy Mueller

“I realise there's a lot of affection for TOS but reckon Voyager is better #sacrilege?” – Damien Richard McBarron

“I watched the Original Series the most since I first saw it in syndication here in the Philippines back in 1978! Sure the current spin offs may have better special effects and make up and tech, but Classic Star Trek pioneered what evolved into the Next Generation and the other spin offs. And while its SFX and tech may not be state of the art by today's standards, in terms of story and character, Classic Trek shines above the rest.” – Dino Monzon

Enterprise! Time before all the rules were set in stone.” – Mariela Rodriguez

“As far as I'm concerned it will always Voyager and all of her crew for me, for whatever category!” – Karen Hannah

TOS - it *never* grows old. Some TNG is excellent, but most is bland and politically-correct. DS9 is a very good but tiring soap opera. Voyager is simply annoying. Enterprise tries, but ultimately fails. Did I mention TOS never grows old?” – Rick Zotz

"It's interesting to note that if you have watched every episode of every show, you have watched The Next Generation the most. It has 2 more episodes than Deep Space Nine and 6 more than Voyager." – Kevin Healy


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