Patrick Stewart seems to be everywhere. That's the takeaway to be made if you're following Star Trek's Captain Picard in the news or on Twitter. Stewart got married on September 7 to longtime girlfriend Sunny Ozell, in a ceremony officiated by Stewart's pal Ian McKellen. The entire TNG cast was on hand in Lake Tahoe to share in the celebration.

Stewart and McKellen, meanwhile, have been carrying on their bromance of late, posing together for pictures in New York City, which were subsequently tweeted. The shots of them with Elmo, at the Empire State Building and rehearsing for an upcoming stage show are priceless. Actually, make that stage shows, plural: they'll be doing repertory productions of Waiting for Godot and No Man's Land, opening on October 26 at the Cort Theatre (on Broadway). And as if that's not enough, they'll both be in the next X-Men big-screen adventures, Days of Future Past.

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