Linda Park, who played Hoshi Sato on Star Trek: Enterprise, has joined the cast of Bosch for its upcoming third season. According to TV Line, which broke the news, "the actress will recur on the Amazon drama series as Jun Park, a dedicated grade school teacher and member of CRT — the mayor’s Crisis Response Team." Park even recently posted a photo of herself on social media, posing in her trailer on the Bosch set, wearing a bathrobe. For the record, she cut off her head, not us!

Trek fans who follow their favorite actors know that Park won't be the only former Trek star to appear on Bosch in season three. Jeri Ryan, Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine, joined the cast in season two, portraying the femme fatale Veronica Allen, and she'll back in season three. No word yet if Park and Ryan will share any scenes.

Need more Trek connections? Steven Culp, who appeared as Major Hayes in several episodes of Enterprise, recurs on Bosch as a Los Angeles district attorney. Oh, and Bosch's leading man, Titus Welliver, guest starred as Lt. Burke in the Voyager episodes "Equinox" and "Equinox, Part II."

Season three of Bosch will debut sometime this year. And while we have no idea if either Park or Ryan's respective characters will survive the events of season three, it's worth pointing out that Amazon recently renewed the show for a fourth season.

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