It's another 50th anniversary milestone for Star Trek, as the world marks a half-century since production began on original pilot episode, “The Cage” -- and the upcoming Issue #51 of The Official Star Trek Magazine will look back at the making of that landmark episode, from the very first scenes shot on stage 16 at Desilu Studios, in Culver City, in November 1964. Additionally, Issue #51 of The Official Star Trek Magazine will include exclusive interviews with Voyager actor Garrett Wang and special effects wizards Ken Ralston and Craig Reardon. There's also original fiction from Star Trek Online, and they'll investigate the mysterious Section 31 in their regular fiction feature, “A Novel Approach.” Also on tap: all the latest Trek news, as well as reviews and competitions.

The Official Star Trek Magazine, Issue #51, will be available on October 21. Visit for subscription details.


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