Leonard Nimoy continues to live long and prosper as a photographer. Nimoy's passion for photography is no secret. He's snapped photos for decades, long before and well after Star Trek. His photos hang on the walls of museums around the world and he has published several themed books, including Shekhina and Secret Selves. The R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, Massachusetts, has represented Nimoy for many years and is currently showcasing his work as part of a career-spanning exhibit called "60 Years of Photography," and Nimoy fans who live in the Boston area or plan to visit there in the near future should also be sure to check out three concurrent exhibitions.

Boston University, in its Sherman Gallery, has a Secret Selves exhibit running now through May 9, while the Griffin Museum, in its Digital Silver Imaging Gallery, will host a Shekhina exhibit now through May 8. And, finally, 555 Gallery in Boston has an Eye Contact exhibit going now until May 3.

"The passion for acting and photography took hold of me at an early age," Nimoy, a Boston native, told StarTrek.com the other day. "Obviously, the acting career raced ahead. Now the photography -- and these exhibits -- are giving folks a chance to see what else I think about. It's a great satisfaction."

Visit www.rmichelson.com for additional details about the Nimoy photography exhibits and www.shopllap.com for information about signed Nimoy photo prints.


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