Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy has been catching up with some old friends lately – and tweeting about it. For example, Trek’s legendary Spock sat down for a meal a couple of weeks ago with Kirk Thatcher. Who? The caption says it all: “Had lunch today. Remember the guy on the bus in ST IV ? Kirk Thatcher. LLAP” Yup, Thatcher was the punk with the boom box who flipped Kirk the bird. Thatcher, by the way, also served as an associate producer and Nimoy’s assistant on The Voyage Home, and he wrote the classic song, “I Hate You,” which his punk character blares on the bus.

And, last month, Nimoy ventured to Coney Island, New York, where he posed for a photo with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Nimoy captioned the twitpic: “At Coney Island. One Spock and two Sirs. LLAP.” 

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