ThinkGeek has introduced several new Star Trek-themed products that we'll be showcasing over the next week or so, but we thought we'd start with these two, which seem to go hand in hand: Star Trek: The Next Generation Aprons and Romulan Ale Pint Glasses.

The TNG aprons come in Red (Command), Gold (Operations) or Blue (Sciences) and feature clever chevron piecing that recalls the TNG uniform design. The strap is a single piece of ribbon, 120" long, with an adjustable clip. Each apron sells for $24.99, and they're in stock now. Go HERE to purchase.

The glasses come in a set of four and each one holds 12 ounces of Romulan Ale or whatever you're drinking. Each set costs $19.99, and they're in stock now as well. Go HERE to purchase.


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