A breach in time has resulted in many artifacts and technological oddities from another timeline getting pulled into our own. A closer examination of this timeline reveals that it is a divergent reality that split from our own as a result of a confrontation in the 23rd century, between an unknown Romulan vessel that had been displaced from the time stream, and a Federation starship - the U.S.S. Kelvin. As a result of this temporal incursion, the entire timeline that followed those events has come to be called the "Kelvin Timeline."

Examination of the time-lost salvage taken from the Kelvin Timeline reveals that the Federation of that reality had a decidedly higher emphasis on military technologies, likely as a direct result of their overwhelming defeat at the hands of the alien vessel that invaded their space in the 23rd century. The same has proven to be true of the Klingon and Romulan ships of that time. This emphasis on cutting-edge technology allows their starships and equipment to be comparable with our own in the early 25th century, despite technically being hundreds of years old. A small group of industrious scientists have taken it upon themselves to replicate these designs, and distribute them throughout the modern era.

It is thrilling to finally have the opportunity to include assets and characters from the recently-rebooted Star Trek movie franchise in Star Trek Online. The 2009 film Star Trek, and its follow-up Star Trek Into Darkness, brought Trek back to the forefront of modern science fiction media, revitalizing the franchise with action and style for existing fans, and a whole generation of new ones.

Unlike most Lock Boxes, the Kelvin Lock Box will reward players from each faction – Federation, Klingon, and Romulan – with different starships if they win the Grand Prize.

Federation characters may find themselves fortunate enough to win the Kelvin Timeline Heavy Command Cruiser [T6]. Also known as the Constitution-class, this formidable vessel is a true Command Cruiser in every regard, including the ability to utilize Inspiration mechanics, and coming standard with a Commander-rank Command Specialist Bridge Officer Seat.

Redundancy is a way of life for the Federation, regardless of timeline, and this starship is no exception. It comes equipped with a Console – Universal – Auxiliary Ejection Assembly which will allow the ship to release small antimatter intermix chambers that are then detonated to deal massive damage to nearby foes while offering the user a speed and maneuverability boost. This console also offers a passive bonus to Exotic Damage abilities, as well as current and max Auxiliary Power. (Note: Sources of max power do not stack – only the strongest applies, per subsystem.)

Klingon captains that win the grand prize will find themselves rewarded with a Kelvin Timeline D4x Bird-of-Prey [T6]. This extremely nimble raider is fully outfitted as a true Pilot vessel, including Pilot Maneuvers and a Commander-rank Pilot Specialist Bridge Officer Seat.

With a focus on ambushing and overpowering foes with the maximum amount of available firepower, this ship comes stocked with a Console – Universal – Proton Charge Launcher which can unleash a barrage of high-powered projectiles at both a primary target, and randomly selected secondary target, every half-second for several seconds. This must-have arsenal also offers passive bonuses to Maximum Hull, as well as current and max Engine Power. (Note: Sources of max power do not stack – only the strongest applies, per subsystem.)

Captains from the Romulan Republic will also be given the chance to win a unique starship prize – the Kelvin Timeline T’laru Intel Carrier Warbird [T6]. Outfitted for reconnaissance and striking deep behind enemy lines, this ship is a true Intelligence starship capable of utilizing Gather Intelligence and a Commander-rank Intelligence Specialist Bridge Officer Seat. This is in addition to its innate Battle Cloak, and two hangar bays of Kelvin Timeline Scorpion Fighters.

Although the technology was developed for civilian mining operations, a Console – Universal – Mining Drill Laser comes standard on every T’laru. Easily weaponized, and potentially devastating, this long-duration energy discharge grows more and more powerful the longer you keep it focused on an enemy, while steadily eroding their damage resistance. The recharge time on the Mining Drill Laser is also proportionate to the time spent locked onto a target, allowing you to use it for brief bursts of additional damage at regular intervals if desired. This console passively improves Max Shield Capacity, as well as current and max Shield Power. (Note: Sources of max power do not stack – only the strongest applies, per subsystem.

While players from each faction will not have the opportunity to win the starships from the other two factions, we are including both a Cross-Faction Console Pack and Cross-Faction Starship Trait Pack as high-tier prizes. Opening any such pack will grant players the option of unlocking access to the Console or Starship Trait associated with starships from the other factions. 

Last in our new starship offerings, but certainly not least, is the devastating and imposing Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser [T6], also known as the Vengeance-class. The Lobi Store will see the addition of easily the most massive and powerful Intelligence vessel ever offered. It is capable of making use of Gather Intel mechanics, as well as coming with a Commander-rank Intelligence Specialist Bridge Officer Seat.

As if its standard array of weaponry wasn’t enough, the Vengeance is pre-fitted with Console – Universal – Broadside Emitter Arrays. This technology is basically additional banks of emitter arrays, mounted on the exterior 'broad side' arcs of the ship. In order to minimize their power draw and performance impact, these emitters can only be powered up for brief periods of time, and their targeting sensors are set to automatically acquire targets. In an attempt to make up for their limited usage, they have been set to fire at an extremely rapid pace. These arrays also offer a passive increase to the recharge of all Captain Abilities, while also increasing current and max Weapon Power. (Note: Sources of max power do not stack – only the strongest applies, per subsystem. 

The ability to purchase and fly the Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser [T6] will be restricted only to Federation characters. However, Klingon and Romulan captains will instead be offered the ability to purchase a Kelvin Dreadnought Package from the Lobi Store which includes both the Console and the Starship Trait unlock for a lower price than that of the full starship.

But there’s more to the Kelvin Lock Box than just ships and their associated equipment!

Rounding out the offerings of new equipment will be new unique Space and Ground Weaponry. When opened, each Kelvin Timeline Weapons Pack will offer the player a choice between Space Weapons, Ground Federation Weapons, or Ground Klingon Weapons.

Within the Space Weapons choice, players will find either a Kelvin Timeline Phaser Emitter Array, or a Kelvin Timeline Photon Torpedo Launcher. The Emitter Arrays feature unique visual effects which resemble rapidly firing cannons, but are built to take advantage of beam firing modes and have similar firing arcs to beams. Kelvin Phasers have a chance to briefly disable the targeted foe, and all other foes within a small radius around the primary target. Kelvin Timeline Photon Torpedoes share most of the same attributes as standard Photon Torpedoes, except for coming standard with a [Reload] modifier which allows them to recharge more quickly.

Kelvin Federation Ground Weapons come in either a Phaser Stun Pistol or Phaser Sniper Rifle variant, and feature a special effect that inflict a short duration Hold on the targeted foe and all other foes within a short range of the primary target. 

Kelvin Klingon Ground Weapons come as either a Disruptor Compression Bolt Pistol or Disruptor Full Auto Rifle, and feature a special effect that can inflict a damage resistance debuff on the targeted foe and all other foes within a short range of the primary target.
Uniforms worn by personnel in the Kelvin Timeline are also being made available on the Lobi Store. There are separate Kelvin Timeline Uniform Packs for Federation, Klingon and Romulan players, each offering a large assortment of new customization options for you and your bridge crew.

And what would a foray into the Kelvin Universe be without seeking out the most powerful anti-personnel weaponry found in that war-focused alternate reality? A new handheld assault weapon, known simply as the Boolean Heavy Assault Cannon, can be purchased from the Lobi Store. This devastating and enormous weapon is actually repurposed ship-mounted weaponry, slightly modified to allow for use on ground combat. Its primary and secondary firing modes can completely devastate enemy foes, though they have longer recharge times than most other ground weapons. As a unique tertiary firing mode, the gun can be used to sweep nearby enemies off their feet in a circular area around your current position.

The Kelvin Lock Box, and the new offerings appearing on the Lobi Crystal Store, will become available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles, beginning on October 6th, 2016.

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