Have you been working on that one tough item you need to level your favorite character? Do you need to level crew quickly before an event? Maybe you're not a fan of collecting and building items for your crew and just want a break.

The Replicator is here to help.

The Replicator takes excess items in your inventory and breaks them into their component parts, reassembling them into almost anythihng you need. Items with a higher rarity require more fuel to replicate than more common items, and all replications have a cost in credits as well.

In order to replicate an item, first click on "Manage Crew." Select the crew member for which you would like to replicate an item, and then select the item you would like to replicate. (Note: you can replicate items or components needed to build an item.)

On the right side of the screen, you'll see an option to select "Build" or "Replicate." To replicate the item in its entirety, select "Replicate." If you need lower rarity items to finish building the item in questions, you might find it less expensive to select "Build," and then replicate those individual ingredients.

Once you've selected "Replicate," you'll come to the actual Replicator -- on the left side of the screen is the entirety of your inventory, sorted by rarity. You can filter by item type using the pulldown "filter" menu. The items in your inventory are the fuel you have available listed on its icon -- if there is no number, you only have one of that item.

Selecting an item of which you have many will bring up a slider bar, allowing you to select how many of the item you want to use as fuel. You can use as few as one item to your entire stack. Don't worry, the Replicator won't take more than is necessary to replicate an item, no matter how many you select.

As you add items to the Replicator, you'll notice the fuel percentage on the right side increas. One this hits 100%, you're ready to go. Select "Replicate" (note that a credit cost is also associated with each replication, visible on the "Replicate" button), confirm your selection, and the item will be added to your inventory. Returning to the character shows the item ready to equip.

This is a great way to use up items you've been collecting but not using, or to level crew you've been struggling to level. Note that the number of replications available daily depends on your VIP level.

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