If you're a Deep Space Nine, Voyager or Enterprise fan and don't yet own the shows in their entirety, the time to do so is almost upon you, courtesy of CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Media Distribution. Star Trek: Enterprise -- The Complete Series DVD and, via an early exclusive with Best Buy, Star Trek: Enterprise -- The Complete Series Blu-Ray are available now. Then, on February 14, the Enterprise Blu-ray collection will be available nationally, along with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -- The Complete Series DVD. And, on March 7, fan can beam up Star Trek: Voyager -- The Complete Series DVD.


The Voyager DVD set is available on Amazon.com for the pre-order price of $104.54. Go HERE to purchase it. The Enterprise DVD set is priced at $50.21 on Amazon.com. Go HERE to buy it. Go to www.bestbuy.com to pre-order the Enterprise Blu-ray collection for $74.99 and HERE to pre-order the nationally-available Blu-ray set for $77.99. And go to Amazon.com to pre-order the Deep Space Nine DVD collection for $95.99.

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