There’s a whole bunch of Star Trek Into Darkness news to report today, so we’ve put it all into a single report. First up, Paramount has just released a new Carol Marcus banner, which depicts Alice Eve as Marcus brandishing a phaser. Next, Paramount provided the Los Angeles Times with a previously unseen STID image featuring Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock.


Meanwhile, there have not been a lot of sightings of the international Scotty poster, and now we know why. Paramount in the UK has been running a “Search for Scotty” contest, with fans challenged to find -- and then report finding – 10 Scotty posters that have been placed in key locations around the country.



The prize? Two tickets to the London premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness on May 2. Click HERE for details. 

And, finally, fans in the U.S. can participate in’s Star Trek Into Darkness Red Carpet Sweepstakes, with two tickets to the film’s Los Angeles premiere awaiting the winner.

Click HERE for more information.



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