Star Trek: Voyager fans will be in for a treat when Orange Is The New Black returns for its fourth season on June 17, and that's because not only will Kate Mulgrew be back as inmate/chef Galina "Red" Reznikov, but Lori Petty will once again play Lolly on the acclaimed Netflix show. Petty, who is best known for her roles in the films Tank Girl, A League of Their Own and Point Break, played Noss in the Voyager episode "Gravity." Check out the new, full season-four trailer for OITNB... 

As season four picks up, Litchfield is now a for-profit prison and the familiar inmates find themselves in the company of 100 newcomers. As for Red, she's asked -- in a scene from the new trailer -- if she can keep a secret, to which she replies, "I love secrets," which doesn't exactly answer the question. It also looks like there are dark times ahead for her, and for Lolly, too.

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