Dozens and dozens of new Star Trek products hit the market in 2015. Many of them captured the imaginations of fans, and for a variety of reasons: they were cool, entertaining, functional, retro, informative, gorgeous, futuristic, buzz-worthy, rare, kitschy and/or some combination of all the above. Please join as we take a look back at some of the year’s most memorable Trek-themed products:

Star Trek Costumes, by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann, was one of the most-acclaimed books of 2015, and not just by Trek fans. It chronicles the design and creation of Trek's costumes from TOS to the current films, and does so through extensive interviews, and revealing essays, all complemented by stunning, often never-before-seen photos. Go to to purchase.

ThinkGeek introduced Star Trek Transporter Pad LED Coasters. Each set of four coasters resemble transporter pads from The Original Series. Touch-sensitive, they light up for 10 seconds at a time and, when you put down or pick up a drink, they play the familiar materialization/dematerialization sound. Go to to purchase.

The Enterprise Cutting Board Set has been one of the best sellers in the Star Trek Shop here at The set includes a cheese knife and fork seamlessly tuck away into the board as engines. The base and utensil handles have small magnets to help keep them in place when moving around, and the base also features cracker slots to keep crackers in place. The ship is laser-etched into the top with accurate details. Flip over this vessel for cheese and crackers and use the base as a full sized cutting board. Go to to purchase.

The Wit and Wisdom of Star Trek – written by Robb Pearlman -- celebrates the enduring legacy of The Original Series with full-color photos, notable production facts and trivia, evocative excerpts, classic quotes and comments directly from the cast and crew. From love and inclusion to humor and exploration, The Wit and Wisdom of Star Trek lives up to the mission of Star Trek itself: to inspire as well as entertain. Go to to purchase.

We Love Fine introduced a wide selection of new Star Trek-themed apparel, including a Maxi Dress that combines the length of a gown with the ease of a t-shirt for a combination that looks good both with a pair of sandals for going to the grocery store or with some spectacular pumps for a nice night out. Also available: Star Trek Sheer Shoulder Sweaters, a Wesley Tricorder Stripe Sweater, a trio of Star Trek Active Tanks, perfect for yoga, and a pair of Star Trek Active Shorts, ideal for yoga and other activities. Go to for details.

Another Think Geek winner was the U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set. Place it on your table, and the U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set looks like a mid-warp Enterprise NCC-1701 on a wooden base... but the wooden base is actually a sushi plate. Remove the top of the saucer section... and you have a little dish for your soy sauce. Slide out the warp effect from the nacelles... and you have a pair of chopsticks. The base is made of wood, while the chopsticks are BPA-free and the soy sauce dish is made of stainless steel. Go to to purchase.

The Autobiography of James T. Kirk finds the legendary Enterprise captain telling his own story in this engaging tome. OK, he had a little help from David A. Goodman, but it's still Kirk from Kirk's perspective. Go to to purchase.

Robe Factory unveiled an awesome Klingon Bathrobe. The soft, comfortable bathrobe features the emblem of the Klingon Empire and a sash. Go to to purchase.

IDW Publishing released many exciting Star Trek titles in 2015, but nothing generated more anticipation and reaction than the Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover in which the current Enterprise crew from the J.J. Abrams movies and Hal Jordan/Green Lantern Corps, joined forces. Go to for details.

Entertainment Earth introduced new TOS action figures -- or, more specifically, ReAction Figures -- that capture popular characters in mid-beaming up or transporting down. The poseable 3/4-inch Captain Kirk and Spock figures fade from matter to glittery energy as if they were going through a Starfleet transporter. Go to to purchase.

The Star Trek Ships of the Line Calendar 2016 is a variation on a perennial favorite. How so?  This year's Ships of the Line calendar features ship art created by… you, the fans. Go to to purchase.

Popular author Peter David returned to the Star Trek universe for the first time since a 2012 health crisis with Star Trek: New Frontier: The Returned. The three-part saga was published as digital-first eNovellas by Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books, with all three available now. Go to to purchase.

Resistance to the Star Trek Borg Cube Glowing Chair is... futile. It's a Borg cube that, in the dark, glows green (or one of 15 other colors), and it can be used as a chair, a footstool and/or a mood light. It not only glows in 16 colors, but it can be set to flash, strobe or fade from color to color. Oh, and it's got a rechargeable internal battery. Go to to purchase.

The Star Trek TNG BBQ Set is a stainless steel tool set featuring four Delta skewers, Delta tongs, a Cardassian fork and a USS Enterprise spatula, and everything fits into an aluminum carrying case. Go to to purchase.

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