Those pesky Borg. Now they’ve gone and assimilated Mondo. OK, we exaggerate, but on Friday, Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art boutique will release “I, Borg,” by Jesse Philips and inspired by the fifth-season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode of the same name. “I, Borg” encapsulates the chaotic, compelling and threatening nature of the popular TNG adversary – and hints at their lost humanity. Philips has created two similar yet distinctly different versions. The regular version is rendered in black, white, red and several shades of blue, while a variant version is rendered in metallic ink, along with black, white and red. Both versions also feature depictions of the Enterprise-D and a Borg cube, as well as episode production details, including the title, stardate, and cast and crew information, all at the bottom of the poster. 

Both posters measures 24”x36,” are hand numbered and printed by D&L Screen Printing. The regular “I, Borg” poster will be available in a limited edition of 250 and priced at $40, while the variant version will be available in a very limited edition of 80 and priced at $65. Mondo will begin selling the posters at a random time tomorrow, so fans should follow @MondoNews on Twitter for an “on-sale-now” announcement. 

Visit for additional details, and keep an eye on for news about future Star Trek posters from Mondo.

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