Mayim Bialik, longtime Star Trek fan and co-star of The Big Bang Theory, graces the cover and several inside pages of the August issue of CBS Watch! magazine. The actress appears in the magazine dressed in uniform as Janice Rand and Data, as well as other characters, and posing with Tribbles and alongside the Gorn, among other set-ups. It was all part of Bialik's contribution to the Star Trek. 50 Artists. 50 years. global art exhibition.

Also, in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, Bialik talks about the shoot and her love of Star Trek. She calls The Original Series "iconic" and notes that "to get to embody that is really spectacular." And, recalling her most potent Trek memory, that involved experiencing "fear and terror" from watching the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan sequence in which Khan placed Ceti eels in the ears of Chekov and Captain Terrell.

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