One of the world’s largest collections of Star Trek images – 550 posters and vintage reproductions – will be available starting tomorrow, May 29, at The Star Trek Collection spans the franchise, depicting images from and inspired by The Original Series, the TOS movies, the follow-up television series and more., a division of, Inc., will also offer a wide variety of Star Trek specialty products and apparel, including tee-shirts, plaques and character standees.

Star Trek is one of the most influential cultural phenomena of our time, and it continues to captivate fans to this day,” said Gary Takemoto, VP of Merchandising for, Inc. “People around the globe are intrigued by the show and its characters, and that speaks volumes to the impact and legacy it has on the public. This is why it gives us great pleasure to offer the world’s largest collection of Star Trek posters on and to provide fans a one-stop shop to feed their inner-Trekkie.”

The Star Trek images are available in a wide array of sizes and are printed on thicker-than-standard, premium-grade poster paper. Fans can also customize their selections, having their posters framed, mounted on wood or laminated.

Click HERE to visit the site. And be sure to keep an eye on for news about additions to the line of Star Trek products.


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